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Q: When do you expect payment?

A: Payment is expected directly after the photo session/wedding/event/ etc. Cash payments are preferred; checks are welcomed (Please make all checks out to Alexander F. Richie NOT Alexander Richie Photography).

Q: Those days don't work for me, can we book any other days?

A: Absolutely! How about we have your session in the comfort of your own home (that's the only option during weekdays)?

Q: I'm not that sexy, I'm insecure about a lot of things. What do I wear?

A: You're not that sexy? Are you kidding me?? Look at you! Wear what ever you feel the most comfortable in. Comfort is crucial to the success of a boudoir photo session! If you don't like your stomach, legs, arms, or basically your entire body, you can find lots of flattering options perfect for your needs. Here's a list:









*Garter belts & leg garters





*Cheekies (cheeksters)


**Click HERE for full descriptions and examples**

Q: I'm really nervous, can I bring 25 of my closest friends?

A: Unfortunately no. They will be the ultimate distraction. In order for you to be as comfortable as possible, We'll need to weed out all distractions so you can get into your zone!

Q: How long until we get the images?

A: Your standard portrait session, event, etc. takes 1 – 10 days for image delivery from the date of the photo shoot/event. Your standard wedding takes 1 – 21 days for image delivery from the date of the wedding.

Q: How will we get the images?

A: The images will be available here on this website. Under Client Galleries click on your album and type in the password.

Q: Do we get rights to the images?

A: Absolutely! A Copy Right Release form is INCLUDED with your session at no extra charge. This gives you permission to print the images wherever you’d like (i.e. Walmart, Walgreens).

Q: Can we have the unedited images?

A: Unfortunately that will not be an option. Apologies.

Q: Can we post them to our Facebook?

A: Absolutely! You can post the images to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace, Pinterest, Flickr, 500px, Google Plus, and whatever else you can think of that hasn’t been created yet.

Q: Can we crop the images?

A: Of course you can! You can crop them, add a filter, add words, even edit them yourself. I’m just glad you like them and you’re using them.

Q: Do you watermark your images?

A: Sometimes… You’ll only see a watermark on the Sneak Peek images that are posted to social media. Your image proofs will be watermark free.

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