Frequently Asked Questions - Alexander Richie Photography

Q: When do you expect payment?

A: Payment is expected directly after the photo session/wedding/event/ etc. Cash payments are preferred; checks are welcomed (Please make all checks out to Alexander F. Richie NOT Alexander Richie Photography).

Q: How long until we get the images?

A: Your standard portrait session, event, etc. takes 1 – 10 days for image delivery from the date of the photo shoot/event. Your standard wedding takes 1 – 21 days for image delivery from the date of the wedding.

Q: How will we get the images?

A: The images will be available here on this website. Under Client Galleries click on your album and type in the password.

Q: Do we get rights to the images?

A: Absolutely! A Copy Right Release form is INCLUDED with your session. This gives you permission to print the images wherever you’d like (i.e. Walmart, Walgreens).

Q: Can we have the unedited images?

A: Unfortunately that will not be an option. Apologies.

Q: Can we post them to our Facebook?

A: Absolutely! You can post the images to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace, Pinterest, Flickr, 500px, Google Plus, and whatever else you can think of that hasn’t been created yet.

Q: Can we crop the images?

A: Of course you can! You can crop them, add a filter, add words, even edit them yourself. I’m just glad you like them and you’re using them.

Q: Do you watermark your images?

A: Sometimes… You’ll only see a watermark on the Sneak Peek images that are posted to social media. Your image proofs will be watermark free.

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